Ciao Italy!

Bon jour, greetings from Grenoble, France! We arrived here yesterday via the “Ouibus” from Turin, Italy, after spending one month driving from Sicily up to northern Italy.

Oh Italy, you surprised us with your ruins, your beauty, your sunshine and crystal clear waters. Italy was exploring Pompeii, Rome, the Vatican city and Tuscany. Italy was visiting with friends and learning about the culture. Italy was pizza, pizza and more pizza. Italy at times also felt very poor,dirty and lacking in infrastructure in some places, but grand and mind blowingly beautiful in other places. We celebrated Jamey’s birthday in Rome, and mine and Evan’s “20 year together” anniversary in Tuscany. We also talked and thought and cried about the future of our trip. Italy was good to us, in so many ways and enlightening in many other ways.

The churches, the ruins, the art, the buildings, all so incredible but after traveling for 10 months around the world, it seems Jamey and Becca have become very ready to be home. Our renters are in our home until September 1st, so we decided that June 24th, the kids and I will fly back to Canada so we can have 2 months in Ontario with cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and Canada before flying back to Idaho, August 23rd. Our plan was to always stop in Ontario before flying back to Idaho but for a shorter visit. This new plan means that the 4 of us won’t travel to Spain together or the UK as we had planned, but it gives us a wonderful opportunity to spend a really great amount of time with my family in Canada, and to allow us to end this amazing year on a high note. Ev will still travel to the UK to visit his extended family after exploring a bit more of France on his own and will join us in Canada sometime in July. We will miss him a lot after almost a full year of all 4 of us together, but we’ll have good adventures to share when he flies in to Toronto.

The beauty of this trip for us has been how “unplanned” we have been so that when something comes up, like the kids really wanting to be done with traveling, we can make it work because we don’t have plane tickets already purchased, hotels paid for etc. We really have taken things one day, one week at a time and it has been both possible and fun. This might not work for everyone, but for our family it has worked out really well. We have been “living” in these countries, more than just traveling. I will want to come back to see Italy in small bites one day. Lines, crowds, tired travelers and lack of “pre-planning” made it impossible to see all the famous sights, but even still I feel like we really got a taste of what Italy is all about.

Here’s a taste of our journey through Italy…thanks for following along with us…We miss you!



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I am excited to be heading out to see the world with my husband Evan and our two, soon to be adventuring kids, Jamey and Becca.

8 thoughts on “Ciao Italy!”

  1. Nic
    That sounds FABULOUS.
    We loved Italy and felt the same some fantastic other spots not so much. We are hoping for a visit in Fall 2018. Enjoy the rest of your summer. XO

    1. thanks Patrice, yes, it’s lovely and heartbreakingly not lovely as well…I will go back though, I have too! 2 more days, or 1.5 right! Enjoy your summer as well, we will come see you guys when we get back to Idaho! I’ve been loving your pics!Hello to John!

  2. Your pictures have been amazing during your trip! I’ve seen so many places that I would love to visit. Forgot to mention when you were there but New Zealand is beautiful! Glad you are all having such a great experience. 🙂

    1. thanks Caitlin, we have been so lucky to see such incredibly beautiful places. New Zealand tops my list for natural beauty for sure. How are you guys, how are the boys doing? Hope all is well!

    1. oh wow Tom, I didn’t know you guys were going to Spain. We are France still, we will be here until we leave on the 24th, just slowly working our way up to Paris. What are you guys doing in Spain? How long will you be away? It will be great to see you when we get back in August! miss you and safe travels!

  3. The pics from New Zealand definitely show is natural beauty! The boys are getting huge and doing great. We actually have boy #3 on the way. Due at the start of August so things will be even busier!

    1. wow, boy #3!!!! congratulations! My sister has 3 boys and while it’s busy and loud and rambunctious at times, her home is full of life, and fun and action! Much love to you guys!

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