Campground hosting…a new career perhaps?

Greetings all…I can’t believe it has almost been a month since my last post! We have traveled back from the South Island…6000 km in 5 weeks. Our trip was just awesome. We were blessed with excellent weather, and shelter when we needed it from the rain.

The last part of our trip after my last blog post was spent traveling to incredible Fiordland where we visited Milford Sound and did some great hiking. We day hiked in to Lake Marian-so so pretty and another overnight hike to a wonderfully perfect hut (Green Lake Hut) with a woodstove. Just what we needed for a drizzly, chilly day and night, then on to the southern most point of mainland New Zealand, Slope Point.

Milford Sound
Lake Marian

We then slowly worked our way up the eastern coast, visiting Dunedin (Ev’s university town), and then Timaru to spend time with Evan’s uni buddy Sash and his wife Ali and their fun kids Kia and Taj.

We visited Christchurch, an amazing city slowly rebuilding after the devastating earthquake 10 years ago, and then back up to Picton to catch the return ferry. In Christchurch we stayed with another of Ev’s uni buddies, Becs, and were spoiled fabulous meals, personalized city tour and cosy nights in. What a trip. So fun to spend time with friends, and play in such beautiful places and be together.

Lovely Becs and Evan in Christchurch

I am writing tonight sitting out on a porch, overlooking “90 Mile Beach” on the Tasman Sea. Evan and I, and Jamey and Becca are up the Far North looking after a friend’s B’n B Lodge/Campground. I’m letting you know this in case any of you are looking for last minute spring break plans. We can cook a mean breakfast, and a few nights ago prepared dinner for 10 women, who were staying at the Lodge as a part of a women’s fitness group from Australia. They had a NZ tour guide who took them on fabulous hikes, kayaking, sand surfing, swimming. They were a blast and it was such fun cooking for them…and sharing the responsibility as a family. They clapped when the meal was presented. So funny!

Our daily chores include feeding the 4 dogs, 20 or so chickens, cleaning the campers kitchen and cleaning out the bathrooms and shower. If we have guests staying at the lodge we change some beds and supply fresh towels. After that, we have the day to ourselves and check people in as they arrive. We’ve met lovely travelers from Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and New Zealand. Its wonderful to hear other’s stories of their travels and to hear ideas of places to visit when we get to Europe.

Hukatere Lodge…overlooking 90 Mile Beach

Ah, our time in New Zealand is soon coming to an end. We fly to Istanbul April 25th, and hope to spend 2 weeks in the city. We’ve rented an apartment through AirBnB for nearly 2 weeks right in the heart of Istanbul. May 8th, we fly to Palermo, Sicily and our Italy adventure begins…that is as far as we have planned as far as dates. We hope to spend about 1 month in Italy, 1 month in France, a few weeks in Spain (and we hope to meet up with some dear friends, the Reichel family who will travel for 2 months with their kids throughout Europe) and then on to the UK before flying back to Canada for a visit with my family in mid August. Anyone planning a trip to Europe this summer? We’d love to see you too!!

Keep well guys, enjoy well deserved Spring Break vacations and the onset of warmer, sunnier and hopefully less snowy weather.

Check out for a booking if you want to come hang with us in the Far North of NZ!!

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I am excited to be heading out to see the world with my husband Evan and our two, soon to be adventuring kids, Jamey and Becca.

9 thoughts on “Campground hosting…a new career perhaps?”

  1. Awe!! Love this post. So jealous of your amazing experience and all the variation of people you have come in contact with! All travelers have such a story and so willing to talk and share experiences. I love that! Can’t wait to see you all again!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time.You are so lucky to get to know the cultures of other countries and be staying with friends.

  3. Beautiful! I want to meet you in every place you mentioned! I might be headed to Germany this summer. I’ll let you know!

  4. Amazing pictures! You all look happy and healthy. Spring is just barely surfacing…lots of rain but the snow is disappearing. The crocuses are just poking through and a little color showing. It is such a relief. I can’t wait to see the Istanbul pics. Take care and safe travels. Love you guys! Karen

  5. Wow u guys look great, I love all your smiles.. traveling must be agreeing with all of u!! Love the pics.. keep making memories . .

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