New Zealand news!

Just as we were getting on our flight from Gold Coast Australia to New Zealand

Wow, it has almost been one month since I last did a blog update…just as we were leaving Southeast Asia! We’ve been in New Zealand now since American Thanksgiving and loving every minute of it…it is wonderful to be with family again and to be in this incredibly beautiful country. My sisters Melissa and Jen and their families arrive in a few days and I cannot wait to share New Zealand with them!

I’ve decided to do this blog post in pictures to give you an idea of why we love this place so much. Enjoy…maybe it will inspire some of you to to add New Zealand to your bucket list!

after 29 hours of travel, we arrived in New Zealand! So thankful for Evan’s brother for picking us weary travelers up from the airport.


Celebrating Thanksgiving with Evan’s mom Judi in Auckland
Becca and her friend Tana, Judi’s border collie…many hours of entertainment!
finding a place to practice her globe skills and my juggling skills at a neighborhood party in Auckland
Jamey and Becca love all of the great parks in New Zealand..complete with zip lines (flying foxes as they are known here)
Judi and I outside her lovely home…the flowers are incredible!


We spent the first week staying with Judi, Evan’s mom on the North Shore of Auckland. The kids loved being able to visit the library, and we loved being surrounded by family again. We explored different incredible beaches nearby and hiked in lovely forests.

With the weather looking warm and sunny, we decided to head up to the top of the Coromandel Peninsula and do some camping. Along the way, we stayed with Evan’s brother Damon and our sister in law Este and their 3 boys, 1 cow and 3 sheep (now 2 sheep…after a hilarious and very New Zealand experience of herding the one sheep for the butcher). It has been just awesome for Jamey and Becca to connect with their New Zealand cousins. They had so much fun together, getting to celebrate their cousin Daniel’s birthday with him and enjoy their schools “splash and dash” day this week as school finishes this week for kiwi kids.

We headed home, back to Judi’s place on the North Shore of Auckland last evening after a lovely night visiting Evan’s friends in Opotiki…we enjoyed some yummy kiwi “pies” for lunch and an invigorating hike along the way. It is so nice to have Judi’s place to come back to, as our base while we explore this incredible country. Her christmas tree is up and smells so lovely, her dog Tana is always a delight for Jamey and Becca and it really feels like “home away from home” on our journey.

We have heard that it is very cold in Coeur d’Alene and that the first big snow fall arrived just in time for Christmas. Although it will be a different Christmas for us in the southern hemisphere, we are so excited to spend it here with family this year.  The kids received an early Christmas present this year…great little journals with messages from their classmates!! They were so excited and happy to hear from their buddies! Evan and I were really touched at the gesture.

We wish all of you a really wonderful holiday season!

All our love from New Zealand!!

enjoying our kiwi “pies”…mine chicken and sweet potato, Jamey’s bacon and egg, Becca’s kiwi breakfast, and Evan’s steak and cheese….yumm!


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I am excited to be heading out to see the world with my husband Evan and our two, soon to be adventuring kids, Jamey and Becca.

21 thoughts on “New Zealand news!”

  1. Merry Christmas! I love you my friend. Tim has been up at your place plowing snow twice already. Getting into single digits at night. Enjoy your summer/Christmas experience. There will be plenty of the Snow when you guys return.
    Keep us posted on where you are. I enjoy seeing your beautiful face. Makes me smile. Xoxoxo Christy

    1. miss you Christy! Please give our thanks to Tim for taking care of the road for us. Might be a busy season for him. I hope work is going well for you. Do you have much time off this year? Keep in touch friend. xo

  2. New Zealand is so gorgeous. We will definitely need to take another trip and hit the north island. Went cross country skiing today at 4th of July pass and though of you, Nicola. Was missing your updates but figured you were busy….Hugs to all, Mary Jo and Robin

    1. cross country skiing, wow…so different to the life we are having right now…we were on a beach this afternoon ( mind you the wind was blowing a gale and I was actually fairly cold!!). Yes sorry I haven’t written in such a long time, we also haven’t had wifi for large chunks of time and when we do, we are usually visiting with family and friends. I miss you guys! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. agh you have made me so envious.
    Can’t wait to get back HOME!!!
    and to have a good old fashion meat pie again!!!
    Look forward to catching up in Feb

    1. Peter it will be so great to see you and Joanne in feb!!! We have lots to catch up on. Will you be in CDA for Christmas or California! Keep well and Merry Christmas!! Cheers to 2017!

  4. Jenny and I are in Mc Call and we just read this post while enjoying coffee in our lovely little cabin. So fun to see and hear about your latest adventures! You sound great!!!

    1. we are having a great time here in NZ…but that isn’t hard to do in such a great country, surrounded by friends and family. My sisters arrive tomorrow and we are soooo excited!! Wishing you and Jenny a lovely Christmas…enjoy the snow, the skiing and each other! xo

  5. Great photos and wonderful update! Gordy and I hope to get to NZ one day. Love all of the dog connections. Very sweet :). Have fun and take good care xo

    1. thanks Kris, yes Jamey and Becca sure love dogs…we’ve had many conversations about what kind of dog we will get when we get home. Have a wonderful Christmas, please say hello to your family for us. Definitely put NZ on your bucket list. It is wonderful!

  6. Your pictures are truly great !,looks like kids are enjoying Tana Judis dog ,everybody looking happy beeing with family, it was nice to hear from Even. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year xoxo

  7. Before I actually got down to it, my exact thought while reading was it seems like a “home away from home” for you guys. It must be nice to have that comfort in the midst of your travels.

    We so enjoy hearing about all of your adventures. Can’t wait to hear more! Have fun and stay safe. Once again, say hello to Becca for us!

    1. thanks Jessica and Alexa, Becca says hello as well. It is wonderful being here, definitely a “home” feeling for us. Happy New Year!

  8. Merry Christmas Mclachlans! I really enjoy your posts and all the lovely pictures! It is such fun to have a little vicarious vacation each posting! Thanks for keeping us all updated! Miss you!

    1. thanks Krista!! I miss you and hope you guys are doing well. Thank you for your note. Keep well friend and keep enjoying!!

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