If you are going hiking, I am going hiking…


Evan came up with the idea that the four of us each try to hike or walk 100 miles before our departure date of August 16th. Being fit for walking long miles at the start of our trip will certainly be a great help and make the travel with backpacks much easier on all of us. Two weeks in, and Jamey, Becca and I are all past 20 miles now. Evan will catch up-we decided he can add some of his cycling miles to catch up! It’s been fun working with Jamey and Becca on this challenge.

Last week they researched how much weight kids should carry in their back packs. 10-20 % of their body weight is what is recommended, so we got out their travelling backpacks and filled their packs with the items they will be bringing with them. 15% of their body weight is our goal. They were surprised how their backpacks felt and it helped them understand why we are travelling so light.

That same day, the kids and I talked about how they were feeling about the trip now that our departure date is so close. Jamey admitted that he is going to miss going to school and Becca said she felt “excited and nervous”. Evan and I have both traveled so we know what a neat experience this is going to be, but I have to appreciate my kids honesty and walk with them and support them through their concerns and worries. As their mom, it does make me wonder if this is a good decision to take them away from their home, their school, their friends for one year. As their mom though, I can’t think of anything I want to do more with them then travelling the world, meeting people who live differently then us, seeing places we’ve read about in books, and being together as a family.  I am already feeling so thankful and so blessed we will have this time together.

I am hopeful that as soon as we begin, their worries, their concerns, the thoughts that are holding them here, will be replaced with a sense of wonder and curiosity at the amazing world we are seeing and experiencing together.


Two months and counting!


We leave in 2 months…62 days exactly!

We have busied ourselves with the tasks of advertising our home for rent, decluttering our lives and deciding what exactly we need to take on this adventure, besides ourselves!

This picture of Jamey and Becca and Barney (Mister Snuzzy) was taken on the morning of their last day of school for one whole year. They were both very excited, but also a bit emotional about saying good bye to friends and teachers

IMG_4681they have gotten to know and love. Jamey has now finished his time at Sorensen; while Becca may have one more year there when we return (hopefully she can get back in). It has been an incredible school for the two of them and we are so thankful. Our kids have been so loved and nurtured and challenged at Sorensen.

I have had this week off of work so the kids and I have done some practice homeschooling. Becca told me yesterday that she “loves it, because when I have a question, you are right there. ” Jamey told us at dinner tonight that he “wants to go to school” and “be with his friends”. Evan and I reassured him that the year will go by too quickly and that before he knows it, he’ll be back in school. And in terms of friends, I know there are plenty of friends just waiting to meet all of us when we set out on our adventure.

So some mixed feelings it appears about the trip. I am not surprised and I am doing my best to reassure and support Jamey and Becca, so they feel comfortable and prepared for what’s ahead.

I however, don’t have mixed feelings about this year of travel. It is a gift. I am so very looking forward to being together with our kids, slowing down, and experiencing life one day at a time.

Can’t wait!