Reflections on May 28th, 2016

Today was Jamey’s 11th birthday. 11th! I found myself to be very reflective today thinking about where we will be celebrating his birthday next May. I have also found myself thinking just how quickly eleven years can pass…he was our blond haired, chubby, laughing little 1 year old just yesterday.

This reflection has also made me realize just how quickly one year passes by…suddenly our one year trip doesn’t seem long enough and we haven’t even left yet. Our goal of travelling slow, savoring each experience, making plans as we go along, and being open to whatever comes our way will hopefully allow time to slow down for just a little bit.

feeling reflective, happy birthday Jamey…what a great year this will be!


Three months and counting!

Trip preparations are underway….it is feeling so much more real now. Especially more so now that I have created this blog. It has been a dream of mine to blog while we are travelling to share our adventures with our friends and family. ┬áSo here goes, buckle up, hold on tight. Let’s do this!

My partner in crime, on this grand adventure
My partner in crime, on this grand adventure, Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, March 2016

Lots of people are curious about where we are headed first. At this point, we have flights booked from Spokane, Washington on August 16th, to Hong Kong. We will stay in Hong Kong for about 4 days, then catch a flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our plan is to travel around Thailand for one month (as visitors we get a 30 day visitors visa), before seeing the rest of Southeast Asia, including Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. We have a flight booked from Kuala Lumpur Nov 23rd, 2016 to Auckland New Zealand and that is as far as any kind of schedule. We have been looking at flights to Istanbul in April 2017…so loosely our schedule looks like Southeast Asia for 3 months, then New Zealand for 5 months, then making our way through Europe for the remainder of our year.

Lots of preparations are underway, including thinking about homeschooling curriculum (or on the road schooling I should call it), getting rid of things we don’t need anymore, reading about the countries we are going to visit, looking for a renter for our home, coming up with a name for this blog, and continuing to save for our trip! I figured I would start this blog before we left to share our preparations/thoughts/plans and I hope to post about once per week. I hope through this blog I inspire others to think about stepping out of their lives for a bit and seeing the wide open world…

7b1c808dd9ee0b9dbe581e2c648dff5fThanks for reading, cheers!